By: Oli On: September 04, 2016 In: Marketing, Startups, Strategy Comments: 0

Sports Analogies are everywhere in business and personally I think there’s good reason for that. We like to apply a theory to something that we’re familiar with and enjoy doing or watching, so often sport is the way to do that. So here are two sporting analogies that Startups should be using for their marketing strategies.

That said, I’m going to use two sports that I don’t follow or even particularly like, but I still think they act as good metaphors for best practice in startup marketing.

1. Focus on your Quarterback

American Football is not a one man sport. There are multiples of people involved in the success of a team, from the backroom staff, to the water boy to the on-field players.

Quarter Back

But sometimes it can look like the Quarter Back is the only player that is important if we were to believe the media. Although we know this not to be true, the reason the media push the quarter back in our faces is because often they are the ones that are interesting and apparently make the key difference.

Startups often overlook this metaphor when selling the benefits of their business, losing the interest of their audience. There may well be plenty of vanity metrics or fancy PR that your company has been enjoying, but without the interesting part, it’s not… interesting.

Keep it interesting and focus in on what makes it so.

If you’ve been experiencing rocket-fuelled growth, tell people about it.

If you’ve just hired the guy that built Facebook Messenger, he’s your quarterback.

If you just got your 100,000th 3 months after launch, your quarterback is on fire, focus on that.

I’m not saying defence isn’t important, but let’s be frank, no-one cares about it because it isn’t interesting.

2. Improve your batting average

A cricketer’s reputation lies in his stats, and specifically as a batsman, your reputation lies in your batting average.

There are two ways to improve your batting average:

  1. Hit more balls
  2. Hit high-scoring shots

The first one is easy. Do more of whatever it is.

The second one takes more thought, but the more you do it, the better you get at it.

It’s not rocket science, but it is, erm, science.

With the above two factors together, you’re likely to hit more runs per game and in turn increase your batting average.

The same works for startups, whether it be in your content marketing efforts, the number of approaches you make to potential investors, or the amount of feedback you get on your product.

If you want to get better at content marketing, write more pieces and improve the quality.

If you want to get more investment, make more pitches and learn from your experiences.

If you want better feedback, ask more customers and learn from your experiences to get better at it.

To get better at something, do more of it and learn. It’s that simple.